Download the DBA Repository

The DBA Repository project is now available for download. ย It’s free and available under the GNU license so feel free to change it all you like.

If you have questions or suggestions let me know. ย You can place a comment on any of the DBA Repository project’s articles or contact me directly.

I hope you find some utility from the project.

8 Responses to Download the DBA Repository

  1. Cleavon J. Blair says:

    Yo, Diamond Dave,
    I’ve downloaded it and will be using it…

  2. Garrett says:

    looking at this.

  3. Michael Lewis says:

    This is just what I needed… I currently work in a shop where my access to commercial monitoring tools is limited (non-existant).

    I have been using Rodney Landrum’s DBA Repositroy… which was a great start but the reporting of the gathered data was a bit limited. The reports I created showed my lack of experiance with SSRS.

    The reports that you have supplied have given me a great head start… and I may end up learning alot about SSRS while doing it.

    Again, Thankyou… this package is excellent.

  4. DBA Dave says:

    I’m glad this could help you get started, Michael. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wes says:

    Hey Dave, have you made any recent revisions to the Repository?

    My office is lacking on Report Server monitoring. I’ve downloaded and am getting ready to implement this as a pet project. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jim Reed says:

    The step in all the DTSX files that fails is the Test Source Server Connection…….Can you think of a reason why?


  7. Hi Jim,
    I suspect the user account that’s running the SSIS package doesn’t have permission to connect to the remote servers. You probably have the package configured to use Windows Authentication in the Source Servers connection and are probably running the package from a Job which would run as the SQL Agent account from the server where the job runs. If that Agent account is not a domain user or it is but cannot connect to other servers the connectivity test will fail.

    You’ll need to grant the Agent account permission to login to the remote servers in order to poll information from them. FYI, I created an active directory group for this access and placed the SQL Agent account on the server I run the collection Job from in it. You could also use a proxy account in SQL Server to run the Job so the package executes under credentials with appropriate permission.

  8. Jim Reed says:


    I have sa access to all the servers and i can run jobs that touch them all just not yours for some reason.

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