Download the DBA Repository

You can download the DBA Repository and view the installation instructions below.  DBA Repository is made available under the GNU General Public License.  Both the installation instructions (readme.txt) and GNU License (copying.txt) are included in the download.

Download… (1.5 MB)

View the change log.


To view the database documentation open main.html in the DatabaseDocumentation folder.

The solution was created with Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition.  If you don’t have a VS edition that will allow you to view database projects you’ll get an unimportant error upon opening the solution.  Ignore it and run the create scripts from a Management Studio query window.

Create the Databases

The database scripts assume you have sysadmin privileges on a SQL Server 2008 instance.

  1. Run DBARepository_CREATE.sql, it will create a database called DBARepository and create all the objects required.  Adding a user to the DBARepositoryApplicationUsers database role will grant him all necessary rights to run the SSRS reports included.
  2. The DBA Repository assumes you’ll store some of your organization’s employee information in a table   called dbo.EmployeeInformation.  This data is used in the Server/Database contact reporting.  However, if you’d prefer to link to a remote employee information repository, edit the DBARepository_dbo.EmployeeInformation_AsView.sql script to gather data from your remote source and run the script.  The dbo.EmployeeInformation table will be replaced by a view of the same name.
  3. Run ReportServerExecutionLog_CREATE.sql to create the ReportServerExecutionLog database, the SSRS utilization warehouse.  ReportServerExecutionLog is adapted from the Server Management Sample Reports project found on CodePlex.
    1. It was modified to pull SSRS utilization from both SSRS 2008 and SSRS 2005 ReportServer databases and store all SSRS utilization statistics across the enterprise in a single warehouse
  4. Add the server instances you are going to monitor in the dbo.Servers table
    1. for SQL Server instances the DatabaseSoftware field must be “Microsoft SQL Server”
    2. in the case of named instances the ServerName field should be ServerName\InstanceName

SSIS Packages

  1. Deploy the SSIS packages to your SSIS installation.  The default configuration assumes they are deployed to the same server as the DBARepository
  2. Make sure all the package’s configuration files are setup correctly for your environment
  3. The DBARepository_GatherServerAndDatabaseConfigurations package must run first.  The order of the packages after that is not important.
    1. The Email notification task is disabled after installation, if you want to receive email notifications about new databases found you’ll need to configure the email task to work with your SMTP server
    2. I suggest running DBARepository_GatherDatabaseConnectionInformation every 5 minutes and the rest of the packages once per day
    3. In DBARepository_LoadDNSAliases the email notification task is disabled after installation, if you want to receive email notifications about new databases found you’ll need to configure the email task to work with your SMTP server

SSRS Reports

  1. Deploy the report and data source files to your SSRS server.  The SSRS project is configured to deploy to a local SSRS instance (localhost) change it to suit your needs
    1. Many of the reports are going to be empty until you’ve configured some data.  For example, until you have users in dbo.EmployeeInfo all Contact information will be blank.  Until you’ve configured your patch schedules the patch report will be empty.  And until you’ve run the DBARepository_GatherDatabaseSizes package on two separate dates there will be no size trend on any reports.

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  3. Anderson says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’m very much interested in tailoring some along the lines of your Repository, thanks for sharing.

    But I’m unable to download it from here.
    Any other ways?

    thanks in advance


  4. I found the zip and added it back to the site. Not really sure why it disappeared, but it’s downloadable now.

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