SQL 2005 – Maintenance Plan: Database Integrity Check

I have a standard maintenance plan I use on my SQL Server 2005 instances.  That plan includes the Check Database Integrity Task which I run on all databases.  Recently, this task began failing on one of my test servers with this error:

Failed:(0) Alter failed for Server ‘MyTestServer’.

To troubleshoot I had the task generate the T-SQL by clicking the View T-SQL button and running the script that was generated, it was successful.  I then verified the Agent account’s security: the server’s local SQLAgent user group had the correct permissions in SQL Server and the Agent’s login was a member of that local group.

After a quick Google search I found this issue on Microsoft Connect.  It turns out the “allow updates” option on my server was set to 1.  I used sp_configure to set “allow updates” back to 0 and the maintenance plan is working great.

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