Why Won’t my Toolbar Customizations Stick in SSMS 2012?

I make fairly heavy use of SQL Server Management Studio solutions and projects to keep various t-sql scripts I have organized and easily available when I’m performing my daily work.

The SSMS shortcut can take a number of command line arguments to help you customize what it does upon loading to help you get right to what you normally work on.  I take advantage of this to make sure my scripts solution automatically opens whenever I open SSMS.

I recently upgraded my SQL Server client tools to SQL Server 2012 and I promply modified my shortcut to open my solution.  This worked great. However, Management Studio is now Visual Studio based and there’s plently of changes to the UI including a bunch of new toolbar buttons, some I’ll never use.  After customizing my toolbars’ buttons I closed SSMS.  When I re-opened it later, the toolbar customizations were all lost.

This is a pretty minor, but frustrating, problem.   I took a look in the folder where my solution is stored and found that the .suo file had been upgraded to a .ssms_suo file in the change from 2008 R2 to 2012 and both files were still in the folder.

Since this file stores all your UI customizations, I deleted the old and new files, opened SSMS, made my button changes, closed and re-opened SSMS and the changes were saved.  One easy fix and one less frustation in the world…

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